All is Fleeting


Life is fleeting.

Three true words.

Life is weird.

Three true words.

But what security or comfort does this truth give?

Hardly any, right?

To think about how weird it is that we do not remember the minutes gone by.

The hours lived or every moment we have ever experienced.

5 years old is a blur.

5 years ago is a blur.

So what then, is this all about? If it is not about preservation of experience, then what is it about our experience.

Experiencing now. Sure.

But how? We embrace the lives, the people, the stories around us, enjoying them amidst a subconscious wondering of how we will carry on when they are gone. When things change and move.

Once the stories are difficult to remember, the people fragments of moments, and the lives we have lived collections of pictures and thoughts that fight to still remain... What happens?

It is quite difficult, life, a thing to think about. As it is weird, as it is fleeting.

As if pure joy and ecstasy only arrives when we are distracted. When we don't think about it.

And maybe that's the point, to not think too much. To find the sweet spot.

Because when we think we get distracted. When we wonder we get obsessed.

When we question how weird, how strange, how odd, how wrong. How we’re born and we die and everything keeps going.

But at the same time, the contemplation -the wondering- is what makes us realize how to truly live, and how to truly love.

But the line between wondering and wandering must be kept clean, because if we wander too far we risk getting lost. It's another story of yin and yang.

So we wonder a little, and live a lot.

Because life may seem the strangest when we are looking at it through twisted glass frames, collections of molecular thoughts and colorfully stained questions.

But when you look at it right in front of you, look and live at the same time, it starts to blend into each moment.

The different greens in grasses, the scent of a room, the harmony of friendship and the sharing of youth.

It refines through each joy, and materializes at every reciprocation of warmth.

It begins to focus, our lens on life, and it doesn't look so weird anymore.

Quite indeed, in fact, it just looks like life.