Art Miami 2018


The Art Miami experience, 2018:

  • Sheer amazement at the warm weather, white buildings, and art deco architecture

  • Enduring absurdly long hours at the fair, spent browsing art from all corners of the world, admiring attractive fair-goers, and showcasing new projects for a client (UNLEASHED) to inquisitive, sometimes impatient minds

  • Spending every waking hour with creative colleagues, dear friends, and extraordinary humans (all words descriptive of Jaclynn & the Catovia team)

  • Preparing for hectic fair days with workouts, meditation, and shared breakfasts with said extraordinary humans <3

  • Hopping from one thing to the next ~ work to fair to fancy parties, enticing cocktails, and delectable food, running into random celebrities and astounding artists

  • Feeling a sense of freedom that comes with traveling on assignment for a client, shaking up daily life while continuing to earn the dimes

  • Enjoying time off at SOHO House (dancing), wandering Miami (eating & sipping), and back at the hotel (sleeping)

  • Falling in love with the congregation of art, entertainment, digital media, film, music, and more that occurs under the umbrella of Art Basel

  • Feeling, at the end of it all, an overwhelming sense of gratitude - for the people, the events, the opportunities

  • Yearning to earn more experiences away from home such as these that seem to stand out regardless of time passed, trips that blend work with vacation and weekdays with weekends