Catskill Mountains


A mosquito bite can mean a lot if you think about it. From the second your blood is exchanged with the insect’s saliva your body begins a natural reaction, inflammation and swelling represents the healing process, and it’ll keep going till it’s done. So you’re bit, and that’s that. It’ll heal when it heals. We get to choose, though, if the small bite is just that - small - or large, obnoxious, taking up more space in our brain than the surface level of our skin, focusing on the pain or itch. The funny thing is, it only really feels bad when you pay attention to it. When you’re running downhill or laughing with a friend in the car, you don’t feel the itch or pain. But the more we think about the itch and pain, the less likely we’ll find ourselves running down a hill or laughing with our friend. Of course, I’m not talking about mosquito bites. No. But I think a lot of small things, processes or events, can mean a lot on a larger scale like mosquito bites.