Dear My Generation


Dear my generation,

May we worry, may we fret, may we tussle in our thoughts.

May we stress, feed our anxieties, and wonder if we're doing things right.

May we be concerned with what we are doing, how we are doing it, and whether it is leading us towards what we truly want.

May we study our lives late into the night, playing over and over in our heads the scenarios that will reap the fruits of a good outcome or a guaranteed future.

May we focus on the next big thing nestled in our to-do lists.

But amidst whatever we may do, let us remember that this time is extraordinarily exciting.

We are young, the "golden years" as they say. We have an entire life ahead of us.

May we be ecstatic that we have the capacity to run a marathon. The torque to hike a mountain. The energy to travel the world.

May we delight in our senses, for they are at their peaks. May we absorb the sounds of live music, enjoy conversation with strangers, smell the incense burning 50 feet away.

May we be encouraged to meet people with genuine curiosity. Making friends the entire way, getting to know people and getting to know them again. Getting to know ourselves.

May we be motivated to explore every possible life we can. Study film, study psychology. Don't study at all. Move someplace new. Gain an interest in painting. Paint something yourself. Start doing yoga. Start instructing a yoga class. Say fuck it all, I'm going to write a book.

May we jitter in excitement at the fear of not knowing. Seeing the world for everything it could be. Seeing ourselves for everything we're capable of. Taking these years to use our optimistic eyes in every setting we can, because youth - and the bright-minded state of it all - is a luxury.

May we constantly learn things new, and re-learn the things we lose. May we revise our beliefs and update our philosophies. Finding values we weren't acquainted with before in spaces new and exciting, finding things we love and things we hate at the shake of a hand and the tears of meaningful conversation.

Sharing with the world what we have come to truly believe, and listening with a lack of judgement to beliefs that are not our own.

Because although we only live this life once, it is wholly ours. Although we have obligations, we can set ourselves up for new ones. We have a relatively blank canvas, and an entire array of colors at our disposal.

Yes, it is natural that we may fret. We may worry. We may rest uneasy with our thoughts.

But let us reconsider what is truly important to us, how little things might really matter in the scope of a larger life.

Let us refocus on how lucky we are to be alive. A simple breath. How extraordinary things can appear at this moment.

May we inhale our innocence, and exhale in ecstasy.