Living Life



You look up

you smile

You look down

you smile

Up are the dreams you see for yourself

Down are the dreams you once dreamt

The world keeps spinning

you sprint to stay afloat

But it's a good sprint

One that entails life in full motion

Full energy

full emotion

The ability to be fearful

to be loved

to be confused and clear at the same time

To know things

and wonder things

To smile for no reason

and frown for no faults

Fight to break up fights

Feel young and old at the same time

The warm, magnified feeling

in your gut

your soul

That tells you

this is everything

This is life


There's a contrast between real living

and just living

Like that feeling you get when you watch an emotional scene from a movie

Or when you look around and realize

you're surrounded by people you love

when you're on a plane

and the horizon meets the clouds

When you laugh so hard you can barely breathe

You get to talking to someone and they're suddenly

no longer a stranger

That's all real

The raw, rambunctious life inside us

around us

Chase the sun, yell in a weird voice

sing without apology

Jump up and down, sit next to your neighbors

and discover their characters

Live, live, live