Passports & Open Roads



I want to fall

Free fall

into the endless bounds of this world


wrapped in the cushion of culture

and parachute of discovery

I want the world

to consume me

And with it, teach me every


thought and reason

behind every organ, cog, and program

that keeps its axis spinning

I want to learn


Meet my fears and unravel my passions

The warmth and heat that kindles from inside

at the resounding presence of the unfamiliar

It grows

and grows

Eventually, hopefully

engulfing me in a congregation of understanding

The world from within

and the world from without

Witnessing the beauty of all

Mastering the art of receiving it

with appreciation

To travel

feel small

yet big

in a universe that is built of exponential miracles

Not in search of something

but in practice of it

Of witnessing life whilst living it

And rejoicing in all of its joys

Open Roads

A hearty meal feeds the stomach

like road trips feed the soul

You never drive to reach a permanent point

Soon enough

you're back on the road

That's how we learn to enjoy the ride

as much as the destination

Just like chasing dreams

Just like life itself

You attain one

then set your mind on another

The key is to


Enjoy every moment

The chase

the victory

the failure

Every part and every bit

Some call it nirvana

We hope to call it living