Firework TV


Content creation + brand ambassador briefs with an up & coming video focused social media platform.

It is estimated that American adults spend an average of 73.8 hours a month on smartphone apps - just below 2 & 1/2 hours a day. Unsurprisingly, a large portion of this time is spent on social media, browsing photos, status updates, and videos from a variety of feeds. Entertainment. Entertainment. Entertainment. What if that entertainment could mean something more than a convenient distraction? What if it could inspire us, motivate us, make us feel, in the spare seconds it holds our attention.

The new app Firework pulled influencers and content creators from a variety of popular platforms to spark user interest and source high quality content. When they contacted me via Instagram I saw it as the perfect opportunity to set the standards for a new platform.

Below are a handful of videos created for my brand ambassador partnership with Firework, designed to get people outdoors, on the road, and in search for new experiences with friends and family.