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“What do you do?”

Santa Barbara

I travel probably too much and love forcing my family and friends to spend “quality time” together. I like waking up really early TO meditate and read but am also an advocate of partying and forgetting what time it is. I laugh whenever I see a baby or a dog and listen to music like IT’S a religion.


“No I mean like what do you do.”


AH! I direct creative cONTENT AND social strategy for a variety of brands and write copy for ad campaigns and media projects. I take photos, write a lot, and CREATE videos about life. I’m building a magazine + media company to hopefully make people smile on the inside.


“But are you a photographer? Or a writer? What are you?”


when life makes me feel something I get AN URGE to document it. sometimes THAT MEANS SNAPPING A PHOTO, or WRITING AN ESSAY, or dancing AND FLAILING MY LIMBS. I PLAN to be the WORLD’S FIRST RENOWN “GRANDPA d.j.” WHEN I’M 80 YEARS OLD, so one day it’ll probably MEAN making SICK BEATS. THE SHORT ANSWER WOULD Be “i’m HUMAN”.


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(Original Grandpa D.J. beats to be released 2075)


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