Kim Seybert Lifestyle


Instagram strategy, management, + content direction for a luxury tabletop design brand in NYC.


In cities all across the United States, new generations of working adults are evolving into the new generations of consumers, purchasing products for their homes, apartments, and balance-focused lifestyles. With it, several new brands have arisen targeting millennials and Gen Z-ers, from minimalist mattress brands to colorful perfume delivery services. But what about the brands that have been around since day 1?

Kim Seybert Lifestyle products can be found in every luxury store in New York City, but they weren't being found in the places new consumers most often spend their time: online and on social media. With the goal of growing the @KimSeybert account on Instagram to bring new customers to the website and revenue through in-app shopping, I had the pleasure of directing the team's content and leading the behind-the-scenes strategy.

With the help of influencer collaborations, audience engagement, and account outreach, @KimSeybert grew a whopping 41.5% in a matter of two months. And we're still going strong.


@KIMSEYBERT: 41.5% Instagram Account Growth (2 Month Period)

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