An entire page dedicated to the White Cat Meme.

(You found it!!!)


When you set your alarm for 7:00AM and you wake up at 10:00AM two days later.

When you talk about how broke you are and then buy a $7 kombucha.

When your friends don't want to go clubbing after the bar and they call themselves your friends.

When you start a group message and your text becomes a green bubble.

When Jay-Z cheats on Beyonce & you recall the love letter you sent her at age 11.

When it's the New Year and you still don't have six pack abs or 18 million dollars.

When a celebrity uploads a video mouthing off their haters while an orange clown destroys the world.

When you open a bag of chips and you find out you're the victim of an air scam.

When you click on a news link with a really enticing headline and there's only one paragraph of text.

When you see another popular TV show or movie everyone's hyped on but still no Asian cast member.

When Aziz Ansari lives in the same city as you and never hits you up to meet, become best friends, and hang out all the time.