Dharma Entertainment


Social media management, strategy, + content creation for a boutique talent agency.


Dharma Entertainment, a boutique talent agency in NYC focused on purposeful work and philanthropic influencer strategy, sought for a stronger social media presence with a creative kick, as well as full brand revisions in website content and copy. With a roster of photographers, musicians, writers, stylists, and influencers from around the world, they left me the task of transforming an inactive Instagram account into a representation of Dharma's diverse talent and unified goal towards purposeful living. With 70% client-sourced content and 30% novel content, the color-fied account has grown 4x over in 4 weeks, continuing to grow at an exponential rate alongside daily strategy execution, weekly consultations, custom hashtag campaigns, and innovative content creation.


Instagram Account: @DharmaEnt


Website Revision


Cover by Karl Pierre.