Early Beginnings


This is where I started from. When I made the switch from academic things to creative things. When I thought about what I felt truly passionate about, looked at the next 80 years of my life (if I don't live to 100, what am I eating vegetables for?), and decided: Let's do it. All of it. Everything I dream of.

What do you do when you want to enter the creative sector, yet are weeks away from earning your B.A. in Psychology? When you've been working as a research assistant, studying neuroscience, and completing a thesis for the past two years? When the only portfolio you have under your belt consists of personal YouTube videos and two amateur gigs completed in Thailand and Japan (in return for free accommodations) ... 

I wasn't really sure. But here's what I was sure of: I despised putting together resumes and cover letters. They're boring. No one enjoys them. So I decided to go rogue.

With the inspiration of the magazines I flipped through as a child, I introduced an alternative resume: HIRE ZANE.

A one of a kind (bear with me here) magaZane.