Little Tokyo Service Center, L.A.


Video creation + editing for one of Los Angeles' largest Japanese American community organizations.

The Little Tokyo Service Center in Los Angeles, CA serves the community and culture of California's largest and most prominent "Japan Town" (Little Tokyo). LTSC's Annual Sake Festival is one of the organization's most prominent events, drawing several community leaders, members, and funders dedicated to LTSC's mission to preserve Little Tokyo's history, energy, and local business. Amidst the bottles of sake flowing like rivers, amazing food catered by Los Angeles' best eateries, and vibrant chatter and laughter stood me, attempting to catch it all with my camera. LTSC entrusted me with capturing the Sake Festival on camera - probably one of the most delicious gigs I've had.


LTSC 2017 Sake Festival (Social Media Video)


LTSC 2017 Sake Festival (Full Video)