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Copywriting + blog writing for a full-service creative marketing agency.


An up and coming soap company in NYC desired to transform their voice from conventional to personal, from Tony who takes himself too seriously to Wendy who whimsically wins the crowds. With the goal to attract and represent young audiences with large ambitions and an against-the-grain culture, social media played a large role in the company's voice rebrand. Whipping up words for each of their products, I developed the social copy for their Instagram account, declaring originality and attracting attention from Instagram's community of 800 million monthly users.


Product Copy Examples:

Bergamot candle - Don’t know what Bergamot is? Save the Googling for more important things (like Beyonce’s net worth) and come by our store to learn more.

Coffee body scrub - We know it’s only Tuesday, but resist that fourth cup of coffee. Wash this down instead.

Lemongrass dill soap - Here's the dill: We give you our soap, you feel amazing.

Cinnamon-orange soap - BREAKING NEWS: We’ve come up with another way for you to indulge in that cinnamon bun sweetness, with a zesty orange glaze. Calorie free.

Shaving bar - You can't order your soulmate on Amazon. The next time you brush by a potentially special someone, make them do a double take.

Essential oil mist - It's essentially the fountain of youth, just portable, organic, and real.

Soap, general - The best things come in groups of 3. 3 burritos, 3 bottles of wine, 3 bars of insanely irresistable soap.

Candle, general - Your boss yelled at you for no reason and your legs fell asleep from sitting too much. Get back to your happy place with the flick of a lighter.

Candle, general - Enjoy our hand poured candles while you hand pour that wine.

Rejuvenating serum, general - Stay happy past happy hour. Redefine "feeling good" with our serum for success.

Lip balm, general - Hydrate with our Naked Lips lip balm so you can keep running the marathon of kiss- sorry, we meant talking, talking to your grandmother.

Lip balm, general - Cracked lips are cringe-worthy and borderline sinful. Let us help you. #StopCrackedLips2017

Personality, general - Knocking over someone's drink at a party is something worth apologizing for. Being you is not.

Personality, general - We're all for free spirits (did someone say spirits? I'll have a gin & tonic).


A creative agency is a like a dysfunctional family that owns a crazy family business. Every member of the family business has an important job to do, important relationships to keep healthy, and important Saturday night arrangements to attend to let out all the steam. An agency blog is like the family fish bowl in the background that never gets cleaned, and too little fed, amidst the creative chaos. Pulse Creative forgot to clean their fish bowl for 4 years. Even the to-do list item "revamp the blog" was starting to grow mold. To encourage the revitalization of Pulse Creative's blog, I compiled a database of article ideas for blog revamp, researched ideal agency blogs for inspiration, and wrote an article for the agency to submit for reprint to other websites, drawing attention towards the revival of "The Pulse".


Agency Article: Introducing Video to NYC's Subways:


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