At the beginning of each month I create a new playlist on Spotify, add a variety of my recent favorite tunes to the list, and continue to add to that list until the very last day of the month.

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Each playlist typically rounds out to around 50-70 songs, including indie, pop, jazz, electronic, rock, soul, R&B, and everything in between (except screamo or hardcore dubstep…sorry). Every playlist includes a custom album cover with a random photograph from my camera roll, occasionally paired with whatever jumbled thoughts I am thinking at the time.

You can chime into new playlists by adding me on Spotify (though I have no idea how playlist notifications work) or following me on Instagram (where I will attempt to share the new playlist link every month, but will likely forget to do so).

I remember when Spotify first became a thing, my friend Ryan told everyone about it. We were in high school and I thought he was a bit of an idiot. At first I stuck to jurassic technologies like the radio and apps like Pandora and 8Tracks, but eventually I followed suit and began creating monthly Spotify playlists a few years later, giving birth to the first one in 2016—playlist “001”.

If my calculations are correct, and I live another 80+ years, we’ll be able to see playlist “999”.



These are exactly what they sound like: playlists for parties, probably best for anyone considered a young adult and above (though I hear 15 year olds these days are going harder than their college counterparts). Every playlist in this series is ongoing, meaning that someday some of them may be thousands of songs long…The more the merrier?

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There are multiple playlists in this specific series—some fit for family holidays or grandma’s next birthday party, to loosen up your parents, aunts, and uncles a bit, some fit for casually drinking by the pool, and some fit for making memories you may or may not recount (or wish to remember) later.


For starting the buzz or keeping it low-key ⇢ Party: Chill or Get Hyphy?

For a random house party or getting ready for the club ⇢ Party: Vibes

For bringing the younger selves out of your aunts, & uncles ⇢ Party: Vibes



For those curious about how crazy a person can truly become over their Spotify playlist collection, please behold: The master key of signs and symbols for all of my public playlists…


Indicates songs that are currently being used (or are planning to be used) for creative projects.


Indicates playlists made for other people. ♥


Indicates collections of my favorite or most-listened-to songs of the specified year.