In 1995, 3,899,589 American Babies Were Born

I was one of them.


Welcome to a little creative corner of the web dedicated to all things that make life worth living + the surprising capacity it has to excite us, astound us, and dupe us!

My name is Travis. I’m a writer, photographer, & filmmaker based in New York City, the creator & editor of Revolukin, and the digital media & content director at a consulting agency known as Creative Duality.

I like to create things, uncover details, and thread together stories that can make us feel in meaningful ways.

I also love people, traveling, and making fun of myself a lot.


A climb down Mt. Zane...

California blood runs through my veins.

The white cat meme is my favorite meme.

"Home" has been a lot of places, and I plan on it being many more.

Without my friends & family I would probably be living in a trash can.

I've been to as many countries as my age. I will never let it fall below.

Film, television, books. Podcasts, magazines, music. It's in my blood & my DNA.

I think, statistically speaking & from experience, you're probably really awesome.